Lapa'au Physical Therapy
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Integrative Physical Therapy
Therapy is tailored to each client's personal need, and is often a combination of Manual Therapy, specifically tailored Therapeutic Exercises. Ergonomic and Postural training, and Therapeutic Modalities as indicated.
Melissa combines her experience as a Physical Therapist with principles and practices of Yoga, Lomi-lomi, Pilates and mind-body medicine. This effects a better result in those patients who do not respond to traditional physical therapy alone, and provides an integrative approach to facilitate a more holistic healing in all patients she is blessed enough to serve.   Whether planning an orthopedic surgery, recovering from  a recent injury, or desiring optimal healing from a chronic condition, working with you as a team, together we can effect tremendous results.
Improving quality of life through improved function and decreased pain are one of the main goals at Lapa'au physical therapy.  Your therapist will evaluate your needs and help you address your concerns, as well as any underlying imbalances that may be influencing your healing.
You are seeking Physical Therapy because you need help.   Our bodies are a marvel of superlative design, that have been given the ability to heal and often regenerate at the cellular level.  Although it is well documented that many injuries will heal on their own given some time, there are some that do not. Manual Therapy includes the "hands-on" techniques that a therapist applies to help make changes that allow this healing to occur  They often get to the root cause of a problem and are especially beneficial in treating chronic or recurring conditons, or keeping an injury from falling into this category. Your therapist will continually evaluate and adjust to your body's needs throughout the healing process.
Patient exercise programs can and should be reproduced in the clients home, to acquire the long term changes required for optimal return to health.   This rarely involves expensive machines or gym membership. At Lapa'au patients are taught therapeutic exercises and  home exercise programs that can be done with minimal space and equipment, yet are highly effective and progressively adaptable to all levels.  This allows patients to perform their programs in their own homes, affords continuity while travelling, and helps put long term health back in the clients' hands.  All exercises are directed toward reaching  the goal of optimal function, whether that means being able to stop a headache before it begins, or sports-specific training for a quick and powerful return to professional athletics.